External Post – Two principle metrics you must monitor for any application

Two principal metrics you must monitor for any Application

For sure, transaction volumes and response times are the first two metrics to consider.

But that is not what makes APM a complex undertaking.

Everybody, for years, has been MONITORING volumes and response time. Actually DOING SOMETHING with the data – this is the real gap.

There are many organizational impediments that conspire to bog down the sharing of this critical information. The real focus of APM (where the ‘M’ == management) is to facilitate collaboration on the data. Getting the data to the right people in the organization and giving them a mechanism to effect the change needed to improve or restore performance – this is the gap that the APM vendors still need to work on addressing.

Monitoring without paying attention to collaboration – and you miss the APM value. Nobody picks up a “hammer” and instantly knows how to build a house! The tools today are great ‘hammers’…

Monitoring + Organizational Processes (Collaboration) – and APM delivers. No matter whose ‘hammer’ you happen to have.

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