The following are the required resources:

  • Book : APM Best Practices – Realizing Application performance Management
  • Online – LMS : CA Learning Management System – limited to staff, customers and partners
  • Online – BP : Mentoring content from the APM SWAT Best Practice Repository
  • Team Recording : internal-only video
  • Exercise : Activity that you complete in your own time
  • CheckPoint : Mentor reviews your progress
  • CookBook : Document available on the CA Community Site

APM BootCamps are delivered by APM SWAT members regionally, when schedules allow.  Contact your CA account team for opportunities.

You might also consider a fully customized mentoring service offering by The APM Practice – see our service offerings.

There are a number of videos available on CA APM – that might also be appropriate.  These were not part of the original program and I expect to review them for inclusion here, where appropriate – in the near future.




Competency Exercise

Basic Install and Triage
Book – BP
CH 1 : Getting Started with APM
Online – LMS
Application Performance Management Foundation (Basics)
Online – LMS
Application Performance Management 9.1 Solution Overview
Online – LMS
Application Performance Management 9.1 Technical Training
Team Recording
APM Install and Configure
Online – BP
COE-1 – Rapid Deployment
 Exercise Install and Configure an APM Cluster
Present APM Architecture and Review Individual Install
Online – BP
COE-1 – Remote Analysis
 Exercise Foreign SmartStor Triage
Book – BP
CH 11 – Load Generation
Book – BP
CH 12 – Baselines
Book – BP
CH 13 – Application Audit
Book – BP
CH 14 – Triage-1
 Exercise EM Triage Exercise
Present Triage Results, Present FireFight Process and Pre-visit Planning
Online – LMS
CA APM 9.1 Competitive Update
EM HealthCheck
Application Audit
A Success: CA APM Replaces Compuware
 Exercise Conduct EM HealthCheck
 Exercise Conduct Application Audit
 Exercise APM BootCamp